2-Way Messaging Traffic Analyser – Analyse, Plan And Win Approach

When it comes to setting up an enterprise, most of the planning goes into keeping marketing and business development strategies in place. Although today technology helps businesses gain popularity and clients from all walks of life. Bulk SMS either transactional or promotional tool which is handy as well as practical and affordable. Then What? Once the messages are sent, who will keep a track of the business through it? 2-way messaging traffic analyser is one such tool.

2-way Messaging Traffic Analyser basically helps in tracking the delivery notifications, analysis being done very minutely with considerations to each keywords and status of other campaigns. It is an intelligent amalgamation of reporting as well as analysis tools. It can provide you a data as old as two years for review and revisions.2-way messaging traffic analyser provides real time delivery reports giving a professional insight into the complete process of digital marketing.There is a lot of study and research that goes into the preparation of analysis data. The data is provided using chart view layouts, bar graphs, grid and various other forms to make a simplified version for you. Various tools are used for providing you the most fruitful analysis session. The complete analysis is presented on the dashboard of the customer for him to assess how successful his campaign has been.

There are many benefits linked to it:

  1. It provides a clear picture of the effectiveness of your campaign, hence demarcates your area of focus
  2. New strategies and plans can be made or revised to address to the weaker zones. Without an appropriate tool for analysis it becomes almost impossible to ascertain your weaker section
  3. It notifies your performance against your target. Correct and timely indications of the shortcomings can save a lot of money, energy and time at a later stage
  4. New benchmarks can be set for your business based on the observations and analysis of the present
  5. This technique can also indicate the ranking of your counterparts and competitors. Your shortcomings can be timely attended increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty

The data provided by the 2-way messaging traffic analyser is very safe, secure, trustworthy and reliable. It provides you the much needed powerful analysis for a sustainable growth.The data is monitored based on various parameters like the area of message distribution, delivery statuses, selection and usage of the correct keywords so that it does not go unnoticed.

Analysis and reports are ideal in a scenario where real time tracking of marketing campaign is going on. Preparation of delivery reports and logs ensure the success of your campaign to a great extent. These reports can be shared in ExcelSheet or any such related tool and can be used for foolproof planning.

Summary: 2-way messaging traffic analyser is a very strong tool for analysing the effectiveness of marketing campaign. The data is provided in an analytical manner, helping in establishing stronghold and work on weaker areas.


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