Advanced Security And Customer Ease With Number Masking Solution

Number Masking Solution is one such technology through which both the parties in a business can coordinate and communicate seamlessly without disclosing their personal phone numbers. Users and businesses can call or text each other without compromising with the privacy. There are many start-ups today which are using number masking extensively. It’s gaining popularity with the growing business.

Generally speaking Number Masking itself denotes masking or not disclosing the caller id of the caller. It is primarily the best calling option for bulk outbound calls, call centers, helplines and similar services. When a party calls another one, the original number gets masked and instead a new number is displayed on the receiver’s screen. Number encryption is used for this.

Number masking is one such application which runs on cloud telephony platform.Masking is done through VoIP services using technologies like PRI and TDMA lines. It keeps a record of each and every call made using it. Implementation of this technology is very simple and basically needs one time investment only for initial startup.

There are many more advantages of the Number Masking Solution:

  1. It keeps privacy on top. The personal number of both the parties is masked in such a way that the personal number remains personal without any disturbance in the communication
  2. The technology can be tailor made suiting your preferences. As per the need of the business, the solution can be created specific to your needs and requirements
  3. It is legally bound. Industries across the platform follows the standard rules and regulations by the government agencies. Any breach to security regulations can call for heavy legal cost and implications
  4. Itcomes with the additional features like call recording through which the recording can be used for future purposes
  5. Call Analysis is another peculiar feature of number masking. Record keeping is inbuilt, hence you have a record of number of calls, customer relation, issue resolution data
  6. Single number is another advantage. It becomes convenient for the customers to call in on one universal number to get connected with a spectrum of services through one single app

Thousands of businesses and more than half a million start-ups comes up annually. Most of them works on app based system and from processing to delivery all the stages are cleared through the app itself. The communication is done through modulated caller id through Number Masking Solution. Any or all calls done during this process needs to be handled with utmost care and secrecy.

Either a fleet service or cafes or food ordering and delivery startups, Number masking solution is uniform in all. Their interaction with the client goes through an unknown id.  The call is routed through this unique number which resembles just another phone number of 10 digits.

Number masking solution is one stop solution for running the business along with maintaining the confidentiality of the customers. Startups and bulk calling enterprise are opting for virtual number solutions for growing their business.


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