New Gen Mobile Marketing Simplified Bytext Message Marketing

Reports throughout the world have revealed that at an average 98% of text messages have the chances of being read by the receiver. Response of readers is much fast and quick than any other form of communication. Such a strong and effective technology can also be used for an impactful marketing also. Text Message Marketing is an apt example of developing business the right way.

SMS Marketing Services is another revolution in the mobile marketing arena. Text message marketing is one successful way of sending information about business promotions, coupons, alerts, discount offers and many more. It covers a varied range of messages that can be smartly sent to the customers.

It is an interesting marketing tool for taking your customer relation and interaction to another level. Marketing campaign is planned in a way that it covers all the existing clients as only the enrolled and listed customers can get your messages. There is very distinctive approach for opting for text message marketing. It is a permission based marketing for which the customer actually gives permission for sending messages.

There are many benefits which makes this technology so impressive.

  1. Permission based marketing: Messages are sent only to customers who have opted for receiving messages. This is done either through enrolling with an institute, filling a form and asking for being updated about the latest offers and launch, opting for send messages for latest arrivals and many more
  2. Quick Action from customer: An appropriately framed message will lead to an instant action by your customer. If discounts or offers information for the nearby pizza outlet is sent at the correct time, there are high chances of landing up getting instant calls from the customers
  3. Distinction of customers: Once a customer enrolls for message marketing, it makes it easier for the businesses to make a database for the existing customers and then target for new customers
  4. Customer Interaction: Existing customers are kept well informed about all the launches, sales and promotions. This results in increased longer relations and loyalty towards your business
  5. Increase in footfall: There seems to be a direct relation in sending intelligent promotional messages to the clients and positive footfall. Customers tend to visit the stores or showrooms which keep the customers informed about themselves

What makes customers respond to the text message marketing?

  • It’s quick and immediate. Smart phone users and younger generation needs quick, short and immediate texts to get the latest in their favorite food joint or apparel store
  • Direct Interaction. There is no third party involved in between. It’s directly the business interacting with the customer. This makes the information sent more reliable and trustworthy
  • It’s more of a Location specific marketing. Local showrooms, cafes, food joints makes extremely good business by engaging their customers through personal messaging

Text message marketing is a revolutionary marketing strategy with focus on existing clients and enrolment of new clients through various other means. Non-intrusive, permission based affordable technology for effective business.


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