Promotional SMS Provider for a Strong and Enriched SMS Campaign

promotional-sms-bulk-sms-500x200Business world is expanding insanely. Big and small enterprises have their socks pulled up. Each one comes ahead with unique ideas of attracting new customers and pleasing existing ones. This exercise can be taken as the lifeline of any business. Promotional SMS is just another technique of interacting with your clients. But this technique has been proved worth an investment as it shows instant and quick result. Promotional SMS Provider are the ones who facilitates the businesses in reaching their target.

What are Promotional SMS?

Promotional SMS is one of the quickest way to reach your target clients. It is one of the most cost effective and fastest mode of interaction with delivery guaranteed. A very advanced marketing tool which ensures your business reaches the biggest mode of communication, i.e. mobile phones. Businesses can send thousands of messages to the masses in one go. Delivery rate is not only high but client response is measurable and quick.How Promotional SMS works?

Business worlds has been taken by a storm by SMS digital marketing. India being the biggest market for smartphones, it takes SMS marketing to a different level. As the name suggests itself, promotional messages are marketing messages which includes sales information. Information about latest stock, new arrivals, stock clearance sale, launch of new couture or details of a new showroom being opened are few of the messages that you receive through promotional SMS.

While the messages are being sent in bulk, it has a high delivery rate. It increases the footfall and customer enquiries are also enhanced through this mode. More the customer interest in your product or services, it will directly affect your sales. Such value for money is being offered by Promotional SMS provider.

There are various promotional SMS providers operating successfully in India. They brings to you the most appreciated way of promoting your business anytime and anywhere just with simple communication tools.

Promotional SMS is more of A2P (Application to person) SMS technology. E-Commerce players, SME startups, various local business owners like showrooms, grocery stores, Fashion and Lifestyle brands are the biggest takers of promotional SMS. Promotional SMS providers offers different packages for each business and ensures the SMS campaign is done effectively.

Some of the unique characteristics of promotional SMS are:

  • A 6 character senders unique ID is shown in the message instead of the phone number. This ID is received once the business gets registered with Promotional SMS provider and takes an appropriate package for business promotion
  • Replying back to the same message is not possible. These messages are one side messages sent to promote individual business
  • It provides good branding opportunity for businesses. The constant focus is on putting the best of impact on the consumer through the limited short message
  • Telecom regulatory bodies have come up with strict regulations related to the format and inclusions in the promotional SMS
  • Sender gets the flexibility of designating High Priority and normal SMS
  • The set up cost of promotional SMS package is negligible or almost nil. This makes the service more cost effective and economical
  • As per the telecom regulatory authority guidelines, the delivery time allocated for promotional SMS is 9.00AM to 9.00PM
  • There is an auto filtration of DND and non DND numbers. Promotional SMS are not sent on DND numbers

With a plethora of Promotional SMS providers, it is important to understand that there are many guidelines being issued by the telecom regulatory authorities for the service providers.

  1. Any service provider needs to be registered with the telecom regulatory authority. This is being made mandatory to restrict the entry of dubious providers
  2. Maintaining the sanity of the promotional SMS is complete responsibility of the service provider. Message length, character selection, appropriate header and footer are few of the quick checks
  3. Clients and customers are always encouraged to take trial or dummy account before investing money. Such test accounts ensures the service taker about the originality and commitment of the service provider

Companies operating as Promotional SMS providers are approved bodies which are designated to provide promotional bulk SMS in India. This enhances your chances of fruitful business as well as client interaction and satisfaction.


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