Text Message Marketing – New level Marketing with Personal Touch

Text Message Marketing is foolproof and brilliant way to drive traffic towards your business. The world is moving on messages. Businesses are being done, deals are being cracked and sales are being matched on mobile. Big or small enterprises, are focusing on increasing the sales without taking the humungous burden of marketing costs. That makes only one option viable enough to fit the criteria. This technology is here to stay and is the future of marketing around the globe.

Text Messages Marketing have come a long way since its inception. From friendly chat messages to customer engagement platform. Message marketing brings economical and pocket friendly marketing ways for all big and small enterprises. Easiest way to reach millions of existing and loyal customers in one go. Looking at the increasing prospects of message marketing, companies are providing one way as well as a two way interaction platform also.

What are the tools of Text Message Marketing being used?

This is a very interesting question that comes to mind once anyone decides of going ahead with it. Text Messages are offered at two different segments – Transactional Messages and Promotional Messages. In a nutshell, transactional messages are used for sending classified information to registered users only. Whereas promotional messages are sent for marketing purposes in bulk. Both the segments guarantees a very high degree of customer engagement and interaction.

What are Transactional Messages and how they effects the business?

As the name suggests, transactional messages are mainly related to confidential information being released from businesses only to people entitled to receive it. It is not meant for mass distribution. Financial Institutions, Educational Institutes, Healthcare are few sectors which use transactional messages for their interactions with their existing customers.

Transactional Messages mostly includes bank notifications regarding transactions, OTP generation, account balance information, doctor’s appointment confirmation, fee payment reminders, EMI due date notice and many such personal messages.

Promotional Messages and how much they proves beneficial?

Promotional bulk messages is a different genre of marketing practice. Any enterprise big or small can opt for promotional text messaging marketing with a target of reaching maximum consumers. The number of messages shot in one go goes in lakhs giving it the maximum coverage. Retail houses, grocery businesses, Merchandise, Telecom are few industries who reaps the benefits of bulk messaging.

Such messages includes promotional messages related to opening of new outlet, Stock clearance sale, launch of new fashion line, festival bonanzas and discounts. Target audience reacts to it when they get such messages and this in turn leads to increase in sales and profits.

Understanding the background

Text messages have proved time and again that it is the most read and reacted mode of communication. About 95% of messages are opened and read by the mobile carriers. While understanding what makes text messages so dynamic, Bulk SMS aggregators plays a big role in it. It is a method of pushing out huge number of messages for bulk distribution. Bulk SMS aggregators are basically SMS delivery companies who are approached by various businesses to handle their bulk SMS marketing strategy.

Moving a step back of bulk SMS aggregators, bulk SMS gateway providers are the facilitators of the telecom companies which takes care of the IT infrastructure required for mass SMS distribution. They makes the sending and receiving of messages easier. It further provides the options of email and other formats of marketing too.

Text Message Marketing is performed on an interesting platform of Push and Pull SMS Solutions. SMS or message marketing is mainly based on push technique wherein information is being sent to the target audience and they are pushed towards availing your products or services. Marketing through advertisements in Print and Electronic media also falls under the same category.

Customer approach is the passing or failing factor for Text Message. How effectively and in which engaging way you are tapping your client holds the key. Any monotonous matter can upset the customer and can drive him away. Hence opting for the write content for attracting business is very important. Negative impression is hard to erase, so utmost care has to be taken while moving ahead with it.

Test Message Marketing is a very fruitful and convenient way of reaching your clients in an impressive way. It is a rich amalgamation of IT, intelligent content and marketing strategy which never fails.


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