Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway in India Confidential Data on SMS

downloadEver wondered how you get the latest bank details updates with a slight buzz on phone? Getting an appointment confirmation especially when you have completely forgotten it. The security coding that works while confirming the OTP while doing online shopping. All these arrangements are being done to make our lives easy. How and why we get such messages is another interesting angle to this. To classify such confidential messaging, an umbrella term Bulk Transactional SMS is used and the usage of Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway in India is huge.This is another tangent on which client engagement and satisfaction is worked upon. Large business conglomerates related to banking and financial services, educational institutions, hospitality, hospital and medical services are the major buyers of this service. The bulk messages sent by them are not meant for mass distribution or for promotion. These are absolute confidential information sent to registered people who are entitled to receive such messages.

Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway in India is completely opposite to another platform of Bulk SMS’s known as promotional messages. These messages are purely promotional marketing messages which includes information related to discounts, new showroom opening, festival bonanzas, new launch of couture or your favorite eating joint nearby. They are basically for mass distribution and attractive new and existing customers through offers.

How does Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway in India works?

Transactional messages being confidential and classified have their own set of rules set by the telecom regulatory authorities. Such rules are enforced upon any kind of transactional message with the purpose of restricting the misuse of this platform. There are pre-defined SMS templates. 70% of the template is fixed whereas changes can be made as per the utility of the message in the remaining 30%. Information regarding the sender and the key data differs rest the complete template is used as it is.

One of the key benefits of transactional SMS are that they guarantee delivery on DND numbers also. Messages being important and personal, hence they cannot be stopped by DND application. Moreover alongwith template the time of delivery for such messages is also pre-defined. Transactional messages although can be sent 24X7 and on all the 7 days, it can also be sent during the designated time between 9.00am to 9.00pm only. The timings are very strictly adhered to as per the guidelines.

To avoid spam and promotional messages through transactional platform, the number of messages to same number have also been defined. The sender cannot send more than 20 messages on one single number between 2 hours.

Not only in India but regulations and usage of transactional bulk messages is almost the same around the globe. International transactional messages are also available catering to the customers offshore. Service providers around the globe tie up with each other to make this complex two way communication possible in international borders.

There are many advantages linked to the Bulk Transactional SMS Gateway in India:

Quality of data: This is one of the prime advantage. Very high quality informative data is sent to the registered customers almost instantly

Connection to DND numbers: As the messages provided are linked to the personal messages related to transaction of banks, e-ticket confirmation, airlines booking, appointments etc. Hence DND is not a barrier for it

Environment Friendly technology: As most of the information is sent on your mobile phone and it is valid and accepted at all places, you need not run from place to place to arrange for the paper copy for your records

Messages are format based: Various pre-approved layouts are made available by the regulatory authorities. The sender generally plugs in the information in the template. The heading is registered and allocated as per the business being run

Faster delivery: Transactional messages has another benefit of getting delivered faster than the promotional messages. This also guarantees 100% delivery rate with no delay

24X7 assistance: As huge conglomerates and large institutions only are permitted to take the transactional message, the customer support is also made available round the clock

Bulk Transactional SMS gateway in India have become extremely popular and sought after. Big companies and organisations opts for it as a mode of fruitful interaction between both the parties.


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