Text Messaging Service: The Nascent Marketing Paradigm for Businesses

portfolio_img5In today’s competitive business environment, brands across the globe need to constantly evolve and meaningfully engage its customers to garner higher returns and buoyancy in the business ecosystem.

Over the years, there has been a subtle but significant change in the way companies engage their customers and undertake marketing and promotional activities. This change has been in tandem with the advances in technology, particularly with the way mobile technology has evolved and is being used by the general masses today. Smartphones are increasingly being used for varied communication and transactional purposes. Sensing an opportunity in the mobile marketing domain, many brands today grow and nurture their customer relationships through text messaging services. Companies connect with their clients and potential customers through an array of text messaging tools which offer them valuable insights about customer data therein empowering decision making.

Text Messaging Service in business has come a long way and is used not only for promotional or marketing purposes but also critical and pertinent transactional activities such as secured confirmation service. Today text messaging service in business has become a specialized and niche domain and certain companies such as the Delhi-NCR based acl-mobile have been at the forefront in offering customized text messaging solutions to brands across the globe.

Companies in the mobile messaging solutions business develop and offer safe, scalable and consistent mobile messaging infrastructure through platforms and products via various mobile tools such as text messaging, voice and data. Such firms develop, design and consistently strive for incremental up gradations and better messaging solutions for big companies across diverse and varied verticals such as BFSI, retail, e-commerce, media, travel and other industries. The enterprises operating in the mobile messaging business offer innovative and critical solutions to the brands in the above mentioned diverse verticals. These specialized firms consistently enable brands to imbibe novel mobile messaging strategies into their businesses to develop and nurture their current as well as potential customers.

 The text messaging service in business is a pioneering field in mobile marketing and companies such as acl-mobile have designed innovative products and services to cater to the diverse and customized requirements of its clients. Such companies have robust platforms such as ‘Axiom’and ‘sms push platform’ which power messaging tools such as sms and email for promotional and transactional purposes as well as continual and foolproof business communication.

SMS text messaging offers a cost efficient, effective and secure way to communicate with the target audience. Firms such as acl-mobile offer text based messaging products and services such as ‘campaign manager’, ‘one time password’, ‘traffic analyser’ and others which inculcate features that make the products unique and the most sought after solution in the text messaging marketplace. These multi channel messaging tools when backed by robust platforms and enterprise back end system offer interactive, seamless, foolproof, cost efficient and insightful know how. Companies riding the text messaging bandwagon through its portfolio of offerings can cater to a variety of customer requirements such as sending messages to a mammoth customer database via a single click and delivering effective marketing campaign over sms and email in an instant as well as providing relevant statistics and detailed reports to gain meaningful insights therein enabling decision making in existing or future promotional efforts. Other services such as providing a secured confirmation service by validating user identity therein providing mission critical solutions are also part of the services portfolio of such mobile messaging firms.

There has been a rapid increase in the mobile phone usage and penetration. A significant proportion of the population now accesses various services especially banking and retail services at a mere click on their smartphone devices. This has given ample opportunities to the BFSI, e commerce and other sectors to customize and tweak their offerings to achieve satisfactory customer service and customer focused interactions. Retail and e-commerce firms with the help of niche mobile messaging strategies can now focus on announcing innovative promotional offers therein enhancing sales and achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The text messaging service for business is revolutionizing the way businesses are conducted today by simplifying mobile customer engagement, enhancing functional efficiency and business productivity of enterprises as well as continually striving for novel ideas in the messaging and mobile arena.

These mobile messaging firms can customize their products and services to cater to the marketing, transactional and operational requirements of large enterprises in varied sectors such as banking, retail, government, media, travel etc.


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