10 medium you should use to get your customers’ sign-up for your SMS marketing campaigns

Even in an economy that has witnessed some of the most major overhauls, one marketing channel has been able to still hold its position. As an exceptional medium, SMS Marketing can be explored by enterprises, startups and other organizations alike. With a 98% of open rate and 90% of messages being read within 15 minutes of message receipt, SMS marketing can’t be ignored. Democratizing a brand’s outreach, the ubiquitous reach of text messages, both to smartphones and feature phones is a crucial aspect working in the favor of marketers.

SMS Marketing

However, just because text messages have an unparalleled reach, doesn’t mean they don’t end up annoying or irritating your audiences. Consumers today are very picky about their time and as responsible brands, we need to communicate with them in a way that respects their consent and privacy, instead of disturbing them with unsolicited and untimely communication. A rule of thumb is to receive an explicit permission by the users, before we start engaging them via SMS.

Empowering brands with the most targeted and traceable enterprise messaging solutions, we at ACL have figured out some of the best practices that always work towards increasing sign-ups.

Utilize Social Media – An average user spends nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media platform. Brands have huge potential for driving most of their social media traffic to sign up for SMS communication. You may also want to boost the post soliciting sign-ups on social media, improving its chances of getting more signups.

Push for sign-ups in app – When someone is already utilizing the app, they would be more inclined towards signing up for the text communication. However, exercise caution and not disturb the app users too often with too much communication.

App Homepage – Offering loyalty or reward points for users signing up for SMS communication is another viable strategy.

Get your e-mail list to sign-up for text messages – Include a section to choose communication via text message in the daily or weekly newsletters that you are sending to the users to increase sign-ups for SMS.
Get in-store signups – Connect with your offline users, by letting them signup for receiving text messages, simply by scanning a QR codes.

Preview Premium Content – Provide a snapshot of premium content and allow users to access it for free or at a discounted price once they opt-in for SMS campaigns. There has always been a demand for the premium content, since it offers a break from the clutter. This one strategy is going to work as a double edged sword in the favor of the organizations, getting more users for the premium content and increasing the text sign-ups.

Simplistic sign-up forms on website – Utilize the reach of the website to establish stronger relations with the visitors. A simple and aesthetically appealing signup form on the website that users can use to opt themselves in is effective.

Advertise on Digital Media – this is the age of live streaming of music and videos. Various platforms like Saavn, Hotstar etc are increasingly becoming popular by providing audio and video on demand. You may want to utilize the popularity of these mediums and advertise for your brand or text messages signups.

Offer customer support via messages – instead of making users hold the line and talk to an insipid system, address customer queries via text messages. Brands may also address queries via call-backs once the user has dropped the query as a text message, agreeing to opt-in for SMS communication.

Organize Webinars – After establishing themselves as knowledge experts in a particular field, brands can host webinars, sharing knowledge for free, while giving a significant boost to the sign-ups.
We hope by adopting these strategies you are able to get more customers sign up for your SMS campaign.


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