Text Messaging: Nuts & Bolts of Successful Mobile Engagement

Engagement has come up to be a key metric for marketers, gaining precedence over outreach. Given the rapid pace of growth, expansion and competition, it is no longer enough to simply reach out to more users. The users today are much-informed of the choices they have and wouldn’t think twice before abandoning a particular platform and reaching out to another.


SMS Marketing

Exploring Customer Engagement via SMS

As brands shift their focus from customer acquisition to retention and loyalty, let us know explore how brand managers, entrepreneurs and marketers may utilize SMS Marketing in order to enjoy deeper engagement both, internally and externally!


  1. Leverage the ubiquitous reach

Feature phones are still very much a part of Indian economy. Just stepping outside the urban landscapes would testify the same. Hence, while Whatsapp messages, social media posts, emailers etc are preferred, SMS is a necessity. With a successful reach of 98% and an open-rate of 90% within the first 15 minutes, SMS marketing is the leader in the domain of mobile engagement.


  1. Share promotional offers and updates

Whether there is a new discount or promotional scheme, SMS is the best medium to reach out and engage with the customers. Futuristic brands have combined SMS promotions and real-time access to location and personal preferences of the users, to make the entire effort rather contextual, streamlined and focused.


Whether you are hosting an event on a weekend or wish to promote a flash-sale, a text message offers the easiest penetration. Besides, ending the messaging with a compelling CTA and a suitable link, works as a charm, securing more user engagement for the brands.


  1. Information sharing made easy

Owing to the ubiquitous reach of SMS marketing, the solution can be utilized to share any important notification. Banks and mobile wallets have actively utilized the same amidst the recent turn of events following the sudden demonetization across the country.


Identifying the nub of the current context, predicting and addressing customer’s queries via SMS allows brands to distinguish themselves and stay ahead of the competition.


  1. Offer customer support and boost engagement

In the journey of any startups or enterprise, there is a bunch of questions frequently asked by users. The answers to some of these questions can be automated, for they tend to be repetitive in nature. While explore increased customer engagement, brands can offer addressing queries over text messages.

The 2-way communication over SMS works wonderfully to boost the engagement. Besides, the solution is more cost-effective then utilizing the services of support staff and client servicing executives.


  1. Conducting Surveys & Receiving Feedback made easy

A customer is more than likely to review your product or service when asked over an SMS than an email. For the simple reason, a user may skip to notice or simply avoid an email. However, since SMS has a direct and targeted reach, they are sort of immune to getting overlooked.

Streamlining Internal Communications of the Company


Although a lesser used alternation, enterprise messaging can also be utilized to streamline the internal communication. The solution comes in handy to share updates and information, especially if a lot of employees are engaged in field-work or working from remote locations.


In the day of startups, flexible working hours and work-from-home etc are becoming a norm and hence, warranting a unified communication system around the same.


  1. Disseminate information

Again, email notifications may go unnoticed or be perturbed by limited internet access. Any update in the policy can be simply communicated via an SMS. This allows the message to be received on priority and not get diluted amongst other chatters that usually happen in a Whatsapp group.


Since SMS is independent of internet connectivity, the communication reaches employees in due time without any lapses.


  1. Managing diversely located workforce

Fixing appointments, scheduling telephonic or Skype meetings, sharing reminders etc, may all transpire over SMS. The fundamental features of SMS marketing discussed above come in handy to communicate to a diverse workforce, either working on different time schedules or varying locations.


Unique Benefits for the Businesses


And lastly, let us discuss what the businesses have to gain by opting for SMS marketing. Here’s counting the unique benefits offered by SMS marketing to businesses, especially in the present day of increasing cost cuttings and competition.


Since SMS takes care of repetitive communication, the workforce can indulge in other significant tasks. Besides, via efficient communication within the team members, brands may ensure that the deadlines are met without fail and meetings have the maximum participation, amongst other tasks.


Besides, SMS marketing is Cost Effective. The ubiquitous reach is available at highly affordable prices, and offers perhaps the best return on investment, especially when viewed in comparison to other mediums.


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