Unfolding the Future of Text Messages for Enterprises

While 2016 witnessed SMSs emerging as a preferred communication medium for brands, the marketing channel was confronted with a host of other challenges.With several OTT messaging platforms strengthening their standing amidst the consumer segments, along with the improvement in the 4G spectrum and internet broadband infrastructure, the OTT platforms claimed their stake from the revenues enjoyed by text messaging platforms. This further impacted the average revenue earned per user by the service providers.

However, text messaging has continued to maintain its positioning as the simplest and the most popular means of communication, especially the ones shared between businesses and its consumers which is known as A2P message. While the current mobile scenario is brimming with a host of mobile devices and varied operating systems, SMS is one channel promising timely delivery of information. Standing at the verge of a new year, here are our top predictions of what brands may expect from SMS marketing.


SMS Shall Continue to Grow

Regardless of what the future may unfold, there is no denying the fact that SMS marketing is here to stay. SMS is more relevant given the Indian context, where feature phones are still a part and parcel of the lives of consumers hailing from remote locations. The cross device and carrier compatibility of text messages make it the best bet for marketers looking for an optimum and cost-effective marketing channel.

Text Messages for Enterprises

Expect SMS to go Cross-Channel

Instead of multi-channel marketing, we expect SMS to go cross channel. Since ambitious brands are making their presence felt across a wide selection of marketing channels. Hence, it is going to be a common sight to have SMS become part of the email or social media campaigns.

Websites & Apps to gain traction via SMS marketing

It is already a norm to receive SMSs with web-links leading to app downloads to ticket bookings. Given the rise of smartphone and SMS poised towards going cross-channel, such services shall be on a continuous rise. Witnessing the same transition in the industry, we at ACL launched the Short URL Service, allowing brands to customize the URLs included in the text messages, incorporate the name of their organization and hence, solidify the brand image.


Role of SMS to ensure security will grow

It is already a mandate by the RBI to ensure the security of digital transaction via SMS authentication. With India headed towards becoming a cashless economy post the demonetization, SMS will emerge as the leading channel of communication to authenticate digital payments transactions. Furthermore, popular sites like LinkedIn, Facebooketc are already utilizing SMS, as a medium to ensure the authenticity of the user information and transactions…


Consumer Interactions to be the future of SMS Marketing

While blasting text messages at random worked once in the favor of brands, the evolving times warrants the advent of a system that is precise, contextual and relevant. Brands would rather act with caution than go on an SMS rampage, and indulge in conversations with the users. The popularity of 2-Way SMS has been on an increase and is being utilized for both, authentication and customer support. Besides, the same can further be utilized for taking feedback or while conducting surveys. With its direct and easy reach, SMS as a medium is more efficient and streamlined. Besides, by entering into a space of 2-way communication, inviting responses from users, brands will be able to better engage with the prospects.


It is also going to be interesting to witness how the ambitious and nimble brands of today are going to utilize the potential and prowess of SMS communication in their favor. The innovation, both in terms of the emerging technology and scope utility, is going to take the industry and economy forward.


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