For the SMS Dear! Honoring the Unsung Hero of Mobile Engagement

The wave of smartphone penetration in India is now reaching to landscapes beyond the urban locales. Owing to the ‘Make In India’ initiative from the Indian Government, several indigenous and global giants are now setting their base in the country. The same has brought down the cost of manufacture, and hence, smartphones are increasingly becoming affordable. Furthermore, feature phones continue to be a part and parcel of lives of users, especially those hailing from rural India and the accomplices. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise when India is today referred to as a mobile-first economy in the world.



While metropolitan cities have become stagnant with the monopoly of startups and enterprises, tier 2, 3 and 4 segments provide fertile grounds for corporate organizations to explore. Given the complex heterogeneity of the present market, SMS – the old-school, oftentimes neglecter and hardly ever celebrated medium of communication is here to empower brands with superior, faultless and quick mobile engagement.

SMS: Growing Strong in the Age of Disruption

As of today, it’s a common sight to receive OTP passwords via text messages. In fact, it has been made mandatory by the RBI to authenticate online transactions and ensure credentials and identity etc, via text messages. Furthermore, social networking sites like Facebook etc check the credentials of new users, by generating OTPs via SMSs sent on the mobile phones. Besides, technicalities and mandates kept aside, a number of businesses, especially eating joints, retail stores, movie theatres and others, engage in a text based communication with their users, with the intention of developing and promoting their business.

Top 4 Reasons by SMS offers the Best Mobile Engagement

There is clearly a reason why, even in the age of digitalization and social media boom, SMS continues to grow as a medium of communication and engagement. Let us further explore the same by listing 4 pivotal reasons why SMS is the unsung hero of mobile engagement:

Ubiquitous Reach – SMSs are clearly platform independent, and hence enjoy a quick and easy reach to a user’s mobile, irrespective of its operating system or internet connection. Several OTT and instant messaging apps require internet access, which may not be trusted at all times. Besides, other form of communication may suffer compatibility issues, subject to the browser or operating system. However, since SMS isn’t fazed by such limitation, it forms the best medium of communication, especially in Indian markets that continue to witness a higher utility of feature phones.

Incredible Open Rates – to but the facts right, 98% of text messages successfully reach the users. Furthermore, 90% of these messages are read, or at least opened, within the first 3 minutes of receipt. The statistics seem too hard to overlook, especially at a time when brands are encountering challenges in regards to the reach of communication material on social media. Besides, emailers and newsletters may not be the best medium to reach out to users, especially if the same is time-bound and needs an immediate action on part of the users. SMSs, on the other hand, can be further explored to benefit from location based marketing and time-bound offers, in order to host immediate footfalls or increase sales for a particular day or event.

Automated Services – Short codes SMS is a gateway for brands and enterprises to automate a majority of communication, and allow addressing repetitive enquiries or information solicitation or feedbacks etc to run on auto-pilot. The feature not only extends the best services and immediate assistance to users, but also helps brands to optimize their sales or support team. Instead of having to answer repetitive mundane questions, the resources can actually invest their time and efforts on to more challenging tasks.

SMS engagement can be easily traced – By embedding a short URL in the SMS, the same can be easily traced. The short URL services allows brands to customize the links embedded in the text messages, hence, giving them a definitive form. Besides, at ACL, we enable our associates to track the reach of the same messages, and record every individual’s behavior upon receiving the message. The same information is pivotal for marketers and communication strategists to gain feedback and overhaul the existing strategies, in order to best optimize a brand’s outreach to prospects.

Besides, SMS enterprise messaging solution is rather cost effective for brands and startups. Hence, the next time you are called upon a brainstorming session to device the best marketing, promotional or outreach strategy, remember to go back to basics and the SMS Dear, a shot!

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