Upgrade to Next-Gen Marketing with Intelligent Mobile Engagement

With the surge of Smartphone users worldwide, marketers have now evolved a new way of marketing the products and services- Intelligent mobile engagement solutions that lets them engage with their users in real-time with customized offers and services by integrating several set of technologies.

As the mobile phones evolved as a powerful marketing channel, it has certainly influenced a number of industries, products, and services around the world. And as the technology behind the Smartphone is advancing, marketers and organizations are adopting intelligent mobile engagement solutions to interact and engage with customers.


Marketers’ next-generation mobility efforts should be directed towards apps that personalize the consumer experience based on their identity and geographic location using intelligent mobile engagement solutions. Attracting the attention of your target audience has now become even more difficult so it’s imperative to offer an Omni-channel experience that engages the consumers in a relative manner. What if we provide you enterprise Wi-Fi and location services with self-service device and mobile app platforms integrated into one solution that is prompt and deploys effortlessly.


Our intelligent Mobile engagement solution leverages location, device and other relative data to engage guests in a more meaningful manner. This allows enterprise venues to convey compelling and personalized information to their mobile devices at the right time while also maintaining their privacy. Today’s mobile engagement efforts require integration of several systems to make your marketing happen in real-time; controller-managed and controller-less wireless LANs, high-performance access points, custom branded device that securely connects guests/visitors, mobile app, location services, and centralized management tools.


If you are still thinking how you can develop a strategy that captures the users’ attention? You need to exist in their world… a Smartphone world. Do real-time conversations with users, Encourage brand loyalty, increase revenue, and create a memorable visitors’ experience by offering more personalized services with our intelligent mobile engagement solutions. If you want to explore the world of mobile marketing and want to learn more about our solutions then reach us and talk to our specialists, who will advise you on how to get your strategy off the ground.


Read More : http://acl-mobile.com/upgrade-to-next-gen-marketing-with-intelligent-mobile-engagement/


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