Developing Winning Corporate Strategy – ACL Mobile is the HR Superstars 2017

“It is rightly said, the success of the plan rightfully depends on its implementation.” – JIM COLLINS & JERRY PORRAS, BUILT TO LAST


ACL Mobile won the prestigious awards at the BBC Knowledge Presents – Best Employee Value Proposition Award on February 15, 2017 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. ACL Mobile was declared the company with the “Best Corporate Strategy in line with Business”.


Most companies have ambitious plans for growth. Few ever realize them; because of the fact that profitability or the real growth in revenues comes from the strategic plans that are directly aligned with people who have to execute it.


If the gap between the ambition and performance is too big, or the company’s employees are unaware of the company strategy, the strategy cannot be implemented effectively. This boils down the fact that effective strategy execution requires not only developing the strategy in line with the business; but also communicating it effectively.


To align the organization goal with its internal employees and lead the path of growth, ACL Mobile, the leading enterprise messaging provider took the beaten path of success and took the MBO approach of management. The company translated its strategic plan into the various internal department plans; breaking down the functional silos ensuring that the employees are driven towards one single common strategic objective.


In the process, the company enhanced its vision, mission and corporate values and also defined an integrated competency development plan for employees that aligned their professional goals and development programs with the overall strategic objectives. The results were phenomenal; the organization culture was transformed; there was increased team collaboration, superior customer experience, higher gratitude for other individuals, new ways in talent attraction and the submission of the competencies in the job functions.


This employee-centric approach by the HR team took by the stride and showcased that the growth of the organization is driven by its employees who if well-informed; are capable to influence the business results. The WorldHRDCongress; an 25 years old global platform created by Global HR Leaders; recognized the efforts of the HR team through the tedious nomination and selection process and awarded them with the coveted title.


The WORLD HRD CONGRESS for the last 22 years has been presented by Ascent – a brand owned by The Times of India.


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