Do Chatbots Guarantee Exponential Growth for Futuristic Enterprises

New and exciting business communication channels are evolving to provide an improved customer experience and making life easier for consumers.



Chatbots are found everywhere, be it a social-media channel, websites or mobile apps.  Use of chatbots is on the rise due to the enormous potential it can offer for business scalability and growth.  Based on an industry report, chatbots have become the roots of the modern corporate world; facilitating sales-representation activities and customer-care operations and increasing the annual savings of businesses.

Use Cases & the Chatbot Ecosystem:

Chatbots are helping towards providing fundamental communications, e-commerce, travel plans etc.While still in its early stage, industry experts believe that chatbot revolution will take off and gain mainstream prominence in the near future. Enterprises are beginning to invest in the bot economy with several brands already implementing bots for messaging –

1) E-commerce industry: For the e-commerce business, chatbots improves customer personalization and engagement. Via smart and articulate assistance, bots attract purchases and increase the number of items in user’s shopping cart. As it reduces the activities of a customer service representative as well as sales associates, it gives a bigger opportunity for customer engagement and personalization. E.g. : Amazon’s chatbot called ‘Echo’ has completely transformed the paradigm of conversational commerce by straightforwardly answering shoppers’ queries

2) Messaging Apps: Messaging apps, could be a suitable platform to promote chatbots.

a. Facebook; which launched bots for its messenger platform in April 2016 gives the ability to developers to build bots for different types of content.

b. Skype also rolled out its Skypee Bot Platform few months backand now claims over 30,000 developers have started building bots.

c. Microsoft recently released ‘Tay’, a chatbot that discusses with Twitter users; being promoted as a new method of customer interaction.

3) Retail and travel organizations – Companies from KLM Airlines to Taco Bell, Sephora, Whole Foods and Expedia, among others, have all rolled out chat-bots to let users order food, book flights, inquire about services and browse online stores.

4) To-do bots, reminder bots and poll bots give enterprises an edge over other traditional methods of communication.

5) Meetings can be now easily scheduled by using zoom, Clara, and many more. Now, multiple meetings or conferences can be maintained with ease without any hassles.

Bots could also help futuristic and ambitious enterprises in automating a lot of mundane tasks, weed out inefficiencies, strengthen human abilities, and help employees focus on what really matters in accomplishing their goals and enhancing job satisfaction.

Some of the popular messaging app chatbots include:

a) IcelandAir: helps users to search and book flights.

b) Growbots: created the first all-in-one outbound sales platform.

c) Uber: you can order a taxi ride.

d) KIPS: assists in shopping

e) TryWarrenandAnd Co that aim at becoming business support systems for freelancers.

f) Burberry showcases its fashion during London Fashion Week.

g) Dominos and Taco Bell, for ordering food for home delivery.

h) HelloVote helps users register for vote

Bots for Enhanced Communication, Support & Decision-Making:

Bots bring the endless possibility to increase the conversations amongst enterprise communication apps with the intent to enhance user experience. Via artificial intelligence and deep learning, bots can help in customer acquisition and effective engagement and can further be trained over a period of time with self-training algorithms to give a delightful experience to customers. Moreover, open API developer platform will give enterprises the ability to build their own apps and chatbots.

Road Ahead:

Although chatbot technology is still at a nascent stage, there is a hype that there will be a paradigm shift from app to bots as has happened from desktop apps to browser apps and browser apps to mobile apps.

The most anticipated course for the future will probably be the overlap of Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Bots Platform that will bring a richer user experience, ease of use and functionality.

Open API developer platform will give enterprises the ability to build their own apps and chatbots. Gradually, this will create an entire ecosystem, a paradigm shift, allowing enterprises to create all the essential aspects of the work world around the app.


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How to make Mobile marketing solutions more effective?

Mobile marketing solutions can now promote your brand in the best manner. You just have to look for the available options so that the best one can be chosen for your business.

Since the usage of Smartphones has reached the sky therefore mobile marketing solutions are treated as the best marketing options of the era. Mobile marketing solutions for small businesses are the most effective option for dragging the attention of maximum prospects from targeted community.

Mobile marketing solutions can be now easily customized for the fulfilment of the business objectives. Both group and push messaging are being entertained in this regard. Many mobile marketing platform providers have emerged in the market but you got to choose the best one wisely. If you fail to choose the right one then you will not be able to experience maximum conversions.

How to make these solutions engaging?

  • Geolocation technology can be utilized so that Mobile marketing solutions for small businesses can be successfully conducted. Personalized experiences can be received with this technology and on the other hand the standard of mobile-solutions also gets improved to a great extent.


touch screen mobile phone

  • Specialized apps of group messaging can be now included within Mobile marketing solutions in order to get increased responses and that too within a short tenure. These applications are quite powerful and can tackle group-messaging in the most convenient and flexible manner without making any mistakes.
  • Mobile-lifecycle should be efficiently managed so that these solutions can be successfully conducted. In this respect, you have to create extremely powerful APIs for receiving daily conformations, notifications, alerts and other related ones. This is how you will be able to determine the actual market responses at the end of the day.

Personalized texts also need to be created for making Mobile marketing solutions more engaging and impressive. Different conversations can be exchanged easily by means of these solutions and in this way you can come to know about the likes and dislikes of the targeted customers.

Why customized texts are included within text messaging service for business?

Text messaging service for business has created a great buzz in the industry of business-marketing. In this case, only customized texts need to be created for making the campaigns successful. 

Text messaging service for business is simply incredible as it brings huge responses from the targeted market. This is an automated service and bulk texts can be easily handled by the concerned service. If you are a beginner in the industry then you should definitely try out this marketing strategy.

Text messaging service is not only effective but you can get absolutely guaranteed responses. The trend of Text messaging service for business has now become viral all across the globe and thus every business concern is adopting the solution for achieving acute marketing success.  Only customized messaging comes under this marketing-strategy.

How custom-made messages create responses?

  • Bulk SMS services have gained a greater popularity in the recent age and one of the main fundamentals of these services is customized texts. In this respect, you got to use the best SMS platform so that the service can be continued smoothly without any interruptions.
  • If you want to attract a huge mass then you should create only those texts that can attract their views. If the receivers find the texts impressive and useful then only success of Text messaging service for business can be ensured.
  • Customized texts often include details about the brand and its services/products. Not only new products but existing ones can be now easily promoted by means of this special kind of SMS service. This service can also help you to capture global attention and this is the most interesting thing.
  • Custom-made texts are being created in such a manner that the receivers are bound to view them and this is how increased responses can be collected from the market.

Only experienced marketing experts or specialists can freely deal with the creation of customized texts that are being used for satisfying the purpose of promotion.

Communication Effectiveness: E-mail | SMS | Push Notifications

Communication conundrum: What brands need to know before opting for E-mail, SMS Marketing or Push Notifications?


Over the years, Mobile has seen a massive growth and has become the most impactful communication platform, clocking in an impressive 85% penetration rate. The ability to reach customers directly on their smartphone can help boost visibility as long as their devices are powered on.


Today, E-mail, Push notifications and SMS are most accepted methods of customer communication. However, the main concern for many companies is evaluating the best communication technique to increase customer engagement. In order to keep customers coming back to your business, the means of communication must provide higher value offering. Hence, let us figure out the benefits of each medium, and decipher which is best as per your requisites.


SMS as Communication Channel

Bulk SMS India

Approximately, 90 percent of SMS are read within the first 3 minutes of delivery. This messaging channel should be used to deliver business-critical information, providing a superior user experience to your customers.

Sending an SMS when delivery is arriving or when the item is ready for pick-up, keeps customers in the loop and allows them to feel more at ease. Several players like Ola, Uber, Zomato etc have already utilized SMS for the same.

In addition, SMS APIs can be used to facilitate two-way communication between companies and their users in a comfortable and hassle-free environment. The combination of a high engagement rate (open and read) and global reach also makes SMS an attractive choice for user authentication.

Scenarios such as number verification and two-factor are prime uses for SMS because of its ubiquitous and familiar reach. The same functionality has been exploited by several tech-giants like Google, Facebook, and Apple, amongst others.

However, SMS shouldn’t be used for information that users will need for later reference, such as receipts or confirmation codes. Compared to e-mails, SMSs are easier to delete and harder to search through. Any information sent by SMS should be readily actionable in a short timeframe.

Lastly, if your users are scattered around the globe, make sure that your campaign provider is capable of sending SMS messages globally – without delay and in the right timezone.

E-mail as a Communication Channel

Sms Service Provider

E-mail should be used for communicating basic information that is not time-sensitive. Use e-mail for communication that users would need to access at a later point. This includes successful signups, confirmations, reference codes, orders and receipts.


Anything account-related and changes in service should be communicated via E-mail. User achievements or milestones can also be sent via e-mail, as they may want to keep them as badges of honor.


However, for urgent actionable communication, e-mail is perhaps not the best platform. Zipstripe found that the average time for recipients to view an e-mail message is as long as 6.4 hours. Hence, communicating time-bound promotions or deals via e-mails should be avoided. Lastly, ensure that your app/company is properly labeled as the sender, so users don’t think of it as spam. Also, ensure that e-mails, especially the ones containing links, are compatible with mobile browsing.


When in doubt, ask yourself the question, “ill the user need this at some point down the line for reference?” If the answer is yes, then e-mail away.


Push Notification as Communication Channel



Bulk Sms Service Provider



Both, mobile app and web push notifications have a wide reach, with reportedly 90% of mobile users being active on various apps. Hence, push notifications have a chance to reach 9 out of 10 smart device users. Push notifications work by sending a message to the notification center or status bar and is the default way of communication for mobile apps and web browsers.


Also, considering the fact that Chrome, Safari and Firefox browsers now support web push notifications,when combined together, these browsers take about 73% of all market share. It means that web push notifications can reach 7 out of 10 Internet users. Hence, whether we are talking mobile app or web, push notifications not only have a potential but also an ability to reach wide audiences.


Recent research by push technology startup Urban Airship shows how push notifications can lead to:

540% increase in daily app opens.

3x faster response time than e-mail.

30% increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.


When used effectively, push notifications achieve higher engagement results than popular channels like e-mail. The key to getting notifications right is giving customers the information they want. If the message doesn’t add value to the user’s day or include a compelling CTA, you aren’t going to draw them in.


Furthermore, brands can go creative with push-notifications, sending messages that not only informs but also engages. For instance, while sharing a weather forecast, instead of saying “cloudy sky,” think something on the lines of ‘Bring an umbrella! It will rain today.’


Finally, don’t overexploit notifications, since that would definitely annoy the users.


Timing is the Key


While value can be extracted from each of these three forms of mobile communication, ultimately, timing is the key.


It’s becoming increasingly clear in the marketplace that SMS is the most effective option for many companies globally. In addition, consumers, particularly millennials, expect their customer interaction to be easy, relevant and quick – which is exactly what SMS provides.

According to available statistics, over 350 billion text messages are exchanged throughout the world every month. Around 15% of these messages are classified as commercial or marketing related. As customers become more familiar with business-related texts, the power of SMS is set to only increase.


However, while sending information to existing customers about your product, push notifications and e-mails are the ways to go. In all certainties, now is the time to get ahead of the curve and establish your mobile presence.


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Developing Winning Corporate Strategy – ACL Mobile is the HR Superstars 2017

“It is rightly said, the success of the plan rightfully depends on its implementation.” – JIM COLLINS & JERRY PORRAS, BUILT TO LAST


ACL Mobile won the prestigious awards at the BBC Knowledge Presents – Best Employee Value Proposition Award on February 15, 2017 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai. ACL Mobile was declared the company with the “Best Corporate Strategy in line with Business”.


Most companies have ambitious plans for growth. Few ever realize them; because of the fact that profitability or the real growth in revenues comes from the strategic plans that are directly aligned with people who have to execute it.


If the gap between the ambition and performance is too big, or the company’s employees are unaware of the company strategy, the strategy cannot be implemented effectively. This boils down the fact that effective strategy execution requires not only developing the strategy in line with the business; but also communicating it effectively.


To align the organization goal with its internal employees and lead the path of growth, ACL Mobile, the leading enterprise messaging provider took the beaten path of success and took the MBO approach of management. The company translated its strategic plan into the various internal department plans; breaking down the functional silos ensuring that the employees are driven towards one single common strategic objective.


In the process, the company enhanced its vision, mission and corporate values and also defined an integrated competency development plan for employees that aligned their professional goals and development programs with the overall strategic objectives. The results were phenomenal; the organization culture was transformed; there was increased team collaboration, superior customer experience, higher gratitude for other individuals, new ways in talent attraction and the submission of the competencies in the job functions.


This employee-centric approach by the HR team took by the stride and showcased that the growth of the organization is driven by its employees who if well-informed; are capable to influence the business results. The WorldHRDCongress; an 25 years old global platform created by Global HR Leaders; recognized the efforts of the HR team through the tedious nomination and selection process and awarded them with the coveted title.


The WORLD HRD CONGRESS for the last 22 years has been presented by Ascent – a brand owned by The Times of India.


To know more about the awards –


To know more about the council –


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Upgrade to Next-Gen Marketing with Intelligent Mobile Engagement

With the surge of Smartphone users worldwide, marketers have now evolved a new way of marketing the products and services- Intelligent mobile engagement solutions that lets them engage with their users in real-time with customized offers and services by integrating several set of technologies.

As the mobile phones evolved as a powerful marketing channel, it has certainly influenced a number of industries, products, and services around the world. And as the technology behind the Smartphone is advancing, marketers and organizations are adopting intelligent mobile engagement solutions to interact and engage with customers.


Marketers’ next-generation mobility efforts should be directed towards apps that personalize the consumer experience based on their identity and geographic location using intelligent mobile engagement solutions. Attracting the attention of your target audience has now become even more difficult so it’s imperative to offer an Omni-channel experience that engages the consumers in a relative manner. What if we provide you enterprise Wi-Fi and location services with self-service device and mobile app platforms integrated into one solution that is prompt and deploys effortlessly.


Our intelligent Mobile engagement solution leverages location, device and other relative data to engage guests in a more meaningful manner. This allows enterprise venues to convey compelling and personalized information to their mobile devices at the right time while also maintaining their privacy. Today’s mobile engagement efforts require integration of several systems to make your marketing happen in real-time; controller-managed and controller-less wireless LANs, high-performance access points, custom branded device that securely connects guests/visitors, mobile app, location services, and centralized management tools.


If you are still thinking how you can develop a strategy that captures the users’ attention? You need to exist in their world… a Smartphone world. Do real-time conversations with users, Encourage brand loyalty, increase revenue, and create a memorable visitors’ experience by offering more personalized services with our intelligent mobile engagement solutions. If you want to explore the world of mobile marketing and want to learn more about our solutions then reach us and talk to our specialists, who will advise you on how to get your strategy off the ground.


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ACL Mobile exhibiting at Mobile World Congress 2017


ACL Mobile.PNG


Mobile World Congress (MWC) is the place where both, the technology and the mobile industry would be heading towards in February 2017. ACL Mobile, the leaders in enterprise messaging solutions would be at MWC. We are the part of India Pavilion showcasing the India prowess in technology.

As a highly reliable aggregators for SMS services, we are looking forward to discuss mutual business opportunities and would be happy to meet and find synergies to work together!

If you would like to schedule a meeting with us, please fill up the meeting request form or email your request to
Our Location
Kiosk #8, India Pavilion, Hall No. 8.1

Please visit us to know about the exciting technology innovations happening in the world of enterprise messaging.

We look forward to meeting with you!

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For the SMS Dear! Honoring the Unsung Hero of Mobile Engagement

The wave of smartphone penetration in India is now reaching to landscapes beyond the urban locales. Owing to the ‘Make In India’ initiative from the Indian Government, several indigenous and global giants are now setting their base in the country. The same has brought down the cost of manufacture, and hence, smartphones are increasingly becoming affordable. Furthermore, feature phones continue to be a part and parcel of lives of users, especially those hailing from rural India and the accomplices. Hence, it doesn’t come as a surprise when India is today referred to as a mobile-first economy in the world.



While metropolitan cities have become stagnant with the monopoly of startups and enterprises, tier 2, 3 and 4 segments provide fertile grounds for corporate organizations to explore. Given the complex heterogeneity of the present market, SMS – the old-school, oftentimes neglecter and hardly ever celebrated medium of communication is here to empower brands with superior, faultless and quick mobile engagement.

SMS: Growing Strong in the Age of Disruption

As of today, it’s a common sight to receive OTP passwords via text messages. In fact, it has been made mandatory by the RBI to authenticate online transactions and ensure credentials and identity etc, via text messages. Furthermore, social networking sites like Facebook etc check the credentials of new users, by generating OTPs via SMSs sent on the mobile phones. Besides, technicalities and mandates kept aside, a number of businesses, especially eating joints, retail stores, movie theatres and others, engage in a text based communication with their users, with the intention of developing and promoting their business.

Top 4 Reasons by SMS offers the Best Mobile Engagement

There is clearly a reason why, even in the age of digitalization and social media boom, SMS continues to grow as a medium of communication and engagement. Let us further explore the same by listing 4 pivotal reasons why SMS is the unsung hero of mobile engagement:

Ubiquitous Reach – SMSs are clearly platform independent, and hence enjoy a quick and easy reach to a user’s mobile, irrespective of its operating system or internet connection. Several OTT and instant messaging apps require internet access, which may not be trusted at all times. Besides, other form of communication may suffer compatibility issues, subject to the browser or operating system. However, since SMS isn’t fazed by such limitation, it forms the best medium of communication, especially in Indian markets that continue to witness a higher utility of feature phones.

Incredible Open Rates – to but the facts right, 98% of text messages successfully reach the users. Furthermore, 90% of these messages are read, or at least opened, within the first 3 minutes of receipt. The statistics seem too hard to overlook, especially at a time when brands are encountering challenges in regards to the reach of communication material on social media. Besides, emailers and newsletters may not be the best medium to reach out to users, especially if the same is time-bound and needs an immediate action on part of the users. SMSs, on the other hand, can be further explored to benefit from location based marketing and time-bound offers, in order to host immediate footfalls or increase sales for a particular day or event.

Automated Services – Short codes SMS is a gateway for brands and enterprises to automate a majority of communication, and allow addressing repetitive enquiries or information solicitation or feedbacks etc to run on auto-pilot. The feature not only extends the best services and immediate assistance to users, but also helps brands to optimize their sales or support team. Instead of having to answer repetitive mundane questions, the resources can actually invest their time and efforts on to more challenging tasks.

SMS engagement can be easily traced – By embedding a short URL in the SMS, the same can be easily traced. The short URL services allows brands to customize the links embedded in the text messages, hence, giving them a definitive form. Besides, at ACL, we enable our associates to track the reach of the same messages, and record every individual’s behavior upon receiving the message. The same information is pivotal for marketers and communication strategists to gain feedback and overhaul the existing strategies, in order to best optimize a brand’s outreach to prospects.

Besides, SMS enterprise messaging solution is rather cost effective for brands and startups. Hence, the next time you are called upon a brainstorming session to device the best marketing, promotional or outreach strategy, remember to go back to basics and the SMS Dear, a shot!

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